A Community Choir in North Perth

Membership - Who can join?

Membership is open to adults and mature children who can sing in tune or "mostly" in tune, and who can either read sheet music or learn music by ear. Since this is a four-part choir with sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, singers need to be able to stay on their own part, along with others who are singing the same part. Our first two rehearsals each term are "open houses" in which anyone can participate, to consider whether to join.

Membership fee

There is an annual membership fee that helps to pay for music and other ongoing costs. The membership fee is due at the second rehearsal each term, so we know how many committed members we have, to order enough copies of our sheet music. If this would be difficult for you, please talk to us about it. The current membership fee per person for the entire season from September to April is:

  1. $120 per member
  2. $100 per second member at the same address: spouse, sibling, parent, or child
  3. $100 per member under age 18

The current fee per person for one term only (September to December, or January to April) is:

  1. $70 per member
  2. $60 per second member at the same address: spouse, sibling, parent, or child
  3. $60 per member under age 18


People who would like to sing in the choir need to audition, since we hope to make a beautiful sound. The purpose of auditions is to meet interested people and hear individual voices, to understand who and what we have to work with, which may affect our choice of repertoire and where people are positioned, relative to each other. If you are not used to auditioning, don't worry. Our approach is informal and supportive. If you have not sung for years, please practice singing in advance so you can accurately show us the sound of your voice. At your audition, please sing a song of your choice in any style, or "Twinkle Twinkle." You can sing unaccompanied, bring your sheet music for Michelle to play with you, or bring an instrumental backing track without vocals on your own electronic device with a speaker. We will find out your upper and lower range, and you will sight-read or sing a phrase with the piano playing the same notes. We look forward to meeting you!


Rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings, at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Molesworth, just west of Listowel on Highway 86. This is a lovely historic building with stained glass windows, built in 1897. The address is 7104 Perth Line 86, Listowel, Ontario, N4W 3G6. It's a seven minute drive west from Tim Horton's on Line 86 in Listowel. Rehearsals begin at 6:15 pm and end at 8:45 pm, with a 15-minute break for socializing and snacks. Rehearsals are led by Todd and accompanied by Michelle on a beautifully resonant and responsive Zimmermann piano imported from Germany. The fall term begins on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, with 13 rehearsals on consecutive Tuesdays, ending on December 4. The winter term begins on January 8, 2019, with 15 rehearsals, ending on April 23.

Todd Kasenberg conducts the Joyful Voices community choir