A Community Choir in North Perth


People who would like to sing in the choir need to audition, since we hope to make a beautiful sound. The purpose of holding auditions is to meet interested people and hear the potential individual voices, to understand who and what we have to work with, which may affect our choice of repertoire and where people are positioned, relative to each other. If you are not used to auditioning, don't worry. Our approach is informal and supportive. Unless you sing badly out of tune very loudly, you will probably be accepted into the choir. If you would like to join the choir, please contact us. We are hearing auditions before and after the choir rehearsal on Tuesday, October 2.

At your 15-minute audition, be prepared to sing one or two songs of your choice, in any style - whatever music you already know that you are comfortable to sing. Even "Twinkle Twinkle" is okay. You can sing unaccompanied, bring your own pianist, bring your sheet music for Michelle to play with you, or bring an instrumental backing track (without vocals) on your own electronic device with a speaker. We find out your upper and lower range, and you will sight-read or sing a phrase with the piano playing the same notes. You will find out the result of your audition right away.

We look forward to meeting you. Come on out!